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Emily M. Gilles

Emily M. Gilles, a native of Southern Indiana, began working for Tamara Cotton in 2002 as a legal assistant. In 2008 Ms. Gilles was promoted to Office Manager and currently serves in that capacity. Ms. Gilles has extensive knowledge of the Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability systems and oversees the firm’s support staff. Ms. Gilles resides in Henryville, Indiana with her husband, son and daughter.

Ms. Gilles works with Assistant Office Manager, Sherry M. Whalin, and supervises legal assistants Jennie Bowman, Claudia Ortiz, Marisela Mondragon, Kristina Nett, Elizabeth Maddox, Paige Goins, Brooke Boothby and Ortensia Mondragon. Ms. Whalin works with the attorneys on the Workers’ Compensation claims. Ms. Bowman works with the attorneys on the Social Security Disability claims. Ms. Ortiz and Ms. Mondragon are fluent in both English and Spanish and assist the firm in communicating with our Hispanic clients.


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